Finish Line

Finish Line

Hindsight often looks like the “bigger picture”.

It’s a goal; a drive, if you will. It’s there that we meet the finish line.

It seems so far sometimes, getting from here to there.

It usually is. So much work goes into the process of Point A to Point C.

That’s the long term goal. It’s the long term gain.

The bigger picture always provides so much more satisfaction because of the work it requires. The taste is so much more pleasant.

In my life, the distractions and the trails that lead away from Point C are everything.

Sometimes, I sway alittle. I did just today. With some peace and self-reflection, I was able to refocus. I’m able to do that. I want that bigger picture.

When life gets tough, as we all know it will…

Don’t give up and don’t give in.

Focus on the finish line 💕

Photo taken from Pinterest

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