Sarah was the beautiful butterfly in every crowd. Contradictorily, she was quiet and reserved. On a Friday night, she’d prefer to be home with her cat Milo, wearing  oversized comfy clothes and fuzzy socks. She didn’t mind the quiet. She didn’t mind being alone.

This year, her work began planning the annual Christmas party early. Her stomach turned nauseous. She doesn’t want to appear ungrateful; however, she really couldn’t handle being caught under the mistletoe.

Uncertain as to what she will do, Sarah slipped into her thoughts, and the chatting of the office faded. She’d like to celebrate with her co-workers. They’re a fantastic bunch. Her best friend, Tracy, was hired a year before. When Sarah was hired, Tracy was extremely helpful and unusually friendly. It caught Sarah off gaurd, at first; but, she quickly learned there’s nothing secretive about Tracy. She’s bubbly, confident, loud, and social.

Sarah, then, decided she’d also enjoy the music and the white elephant gift exchange. Last year, she recieve a roll of toilet paper, imprinted with coal. She laughed so hard because it was completely appropriate and unexpected. In addition, the food was always an amazingly catered dinner from Tom’s Seaside Lounge and Grill. It’s a popular place here in Gander, Newfoundland.

On the other hand, it’s going to be a difficult and frigid Winter’s night and and parking is going to be impossible.

Greg will probably be there, too. He’s made it obvious that he has feelings for her, despite the company policy about fraternizing. Knowing Greg, she’d show up and he’d bring the mistletoe with him. Suffocating! Guh, not to mention this poor guy has never had a girlfriend and wears entirely to much Tommy Hilfiger.

As she continued working on her mountain stack of data entry paperwork, Sarah also kept busy analyzing the scenarios of this party. Eventually, she’ll make a decision.

Written for  The Word of the Day (secretive)

Also for Sheryl’s Word of the Day Challenge


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