#FF: Tick-Tock, Coffee’s Hot

Photo Prompt Credit: Priorhouse

James recited his speech, as he made his way up the darkened stairwell.

As a young lad, James attended this Annual Winter Formal with his Father and Grandfather. As a seventh generation tradesman, James fell right into succession as a Master of Architecture with Grandfather Clocks.

Finally reaching the complimentary coffee bar, the butler Β served himself a freshly brewed cup of Highlander Grogg. “I wonder if she would enjoy such a great blend of bean?”, he wondered. He hasn’t been able to stop thinking about her, the beauty at the coffee shop.


Tick-Tock Tick-Tock

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40 thoughts on “#FF: Tick-Tock, Coffee’s Hot

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  2. Interesting, this order of grandfather clock architects (dont know if i got that quite right) and this sense of having risen to a certain position of high esteem in your line of work. We cant help but wonder if he might just skip the lecture and head back down to the gift shop!

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