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#FF: Re-humanizing Cafe


Photo Prompt ©️Dale Rogerson

This patio welcomed every passerby. The funny part is, NYC natives tell the same story: after a brief stay, every resident reroutes ship to sail this street as often as possible. Ezra did just that. Angelina’s Sip & Sweets was the best, hands down.

The light’s collapsed upon an atmosphere of adventure, wonder and, yet, peace. Graduating from year to year, the coffee shop gained the best preposterous stories; satisfying the craze of so many ill-fuctioning businessmen.

Ezra sheepishly chuckled. In her 29 years, she’s, occasionally,  relied on her hot mocha latte to survived work with a horrendous hangover. Whoops!

Every Friday, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields- Addicted to Purple encourages writers to challenge him/herself with a Photo Prompt and literary genre. You can read more about it but clicking her name, above.


“She made broken look beautiful and strong look invincible. She walked with the Universe on her shoulders and made it look like a pair of wings.” -Ariana Dancu

25 thoughts on “#FF: Re-humanizing Cafe

  1. Nice ode to a favorite watering hole, though this time its not fire water, but hot water poured or forced through coffee grounds.

    I like your interesting image of new yorkers sailing by like ships, making the coffeeshop their port of call. At first I thought you might go in a sci-fi direction, but i think you meant it metaphorically, and seeing walkers in new york, they do sail by at a very fast clip!

    I also like your line about light collapsing (great way to describe nightfall in a city of high buildings)and “satisfying the craze of so many ill-functioning businessmen.”

    Nice work.

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