Seventeen Years Later


I can’t wrap my brain around the idea that our United States has seen this many “9/11″s.

Before that September Day, for many of us.. 9-11 was 9-1-1. It symbolized hope, and help. Teachers and parents taught us, as children, these three, single digit numbers, were a life-line to call someone “in an emergency”. If someone needed help, if something happened at home, if a friend was bleeding or in pain, 9-1-1 was all we needed to dial, and the situation would be better.

That childlike world is so safe isn’t it? I know I was one of the lucky ones to have seen it.. to have lived it.

Seventeen years ago, that number took on a new form, a new meaning…. with an identity that could crush a healthy beating heart.

I am not sure the truth behind the tragedy on that September Day. In all honesty, I don’t believe any of us do… nor does it matter. What I DO know, is that innocent lives were taken…. Thousands. Just as devastating, there’s triple if not more lives , here trying to carry on in the after years.

I again, am a lucky one, who’s seen days since without the Grey cloud that lingers. I CAN live with peace in my heart because I knew no one in any of the three targeted zones.

But, I’m an Empath – a soul that lives both in me and within all around me. The pain and grief , the anger and betrayal… The injustice and confusion… I can understand.

I sincerely apologize to each of you that has immediately been impacted by this loss. I extend my greatest prayers for your heart to feel some ounce of healing, as another dreadful day arrives. I wish for you, strength and compassion that you’d use this pain to become stronger… and to keep on living.

In America, where we pride ourselves of Freedom and Abundance, of God’s plentiful riches, and dreams are tangible… We face today, reminded of our vulnerability and ” comfortable ” governmental ways.

May we remember They are elected, and They work FOR the America People.

Hugs and prayers for all the families impacted. In honored of each life taken all those years ago.


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