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Once Capacious 🏢

His capacious apartment once felt like home: 3 bedrooms,  1.5 bath, 2600 square feet. The patio faced North, and the master bedroom displayed the sunset every evening, through the extra wide double glass windows.

Fredrick remembered the summer of 3026, when he and his newly wedded bride relocated here. He had his future solid, dreams blooming, and held so much faith in the boundless opportunities God had shown him.

A few months past a year later, all of this reality changed. Fredrick was in a meeting, and his phone would not stop buzzing.

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For the Love of Challenges

I was hoping to find this list:D

Doesn’t it feel wonderful when you find something little that makes like easier by leaps and bounds?

Through the Friday Fictioneers, I’ve been challenged to research and explore unfamiliar grounds.

Before this year, I would have ran in the opposite direction at the sniff of a challenge! That changed when I began living with the attitude, “Go ahead and try… Worry about the failure WHEN and/IF you fail.”

Anyway, I hope this is encouragement for you to participate with and engage within our blogging community.  via For the Love of Challenges

Constructive or Destructive Approach

I’m a fairly new blogger. I wish I had 36 hours in a day to write, read, comment, share, like and do all that blogging entails.

I know proofreading is something I’ve struggled with since my early early writing days (high school!). I know errors may create distaste in readers. I know it’s unprofessional. I know I am working on this though.

As a writer, I am first a reader. I read others ‘ work as much as possible… And I gain knowledge, helpful tips, and insight by doing so.

As a reader, just as I do as a writer, and in my every day life, I am careful with my approach towards individuals. The biggest reason is because kindness makes a world of difference. The other reason is because I understand how what I FEEL impacts my life moreover than what’s said to me. Children will remember how you made them feel. As adults, first impressions tell a great deal about our identity. Therefore, if someone NEVER see me or reads my writing but a few times, I hope even he or she would say, it was a pleasant experience.

I reply to blogs in such a way that would be most receptive, especially in instances where my words could hurt someone’s confidence. I want the writer to know I enjoyed his /her piece. I want him/her to feel good about the effort that he /she puts forth, and that I will continue visiting. I want the writer to know his /her strength about his /her writings; and, should I offer any suggestion for improvement, I would first point out the awesomeness of how much he /she has already improved.

Nothing feels worse than knowing the time I put into what I post, and hearing it’s ill received because it’s not perfect (not from a lack of trying!)…. Nothing feels worse than understanding a reader’s intention was to discredit my work because it’s not yet where I want it to be…. Although I am trying, and I am working hard on improving. Those elements weren’t considered before the comment was posted.

We can be constructive or destructive with our feedback. For me, I’m likely to take advice from the individuals who acknowledges my strengths, or first shares something he or she likes about my writing. I would prefer to hear suggestions in a tone of hopeful encouragement, rather than belittling discouragement. That’s what I give, because I’m certain other writers are doing his /her best, as well.

When I knew🍁🌸💜

Love is…. that moment when you look at someone and completely question everything that you thought made sense.

Love is… that moment when you question your life because this feeling of being complete has settled on you.

Love is… that moment when you ache to please someone else, and their happiness becomes your focus.

Love is… that moment when you undoubtedly trust your heart in someone else’s hands.

Love is… that moment when you realize you can’t stay mad at that individual.

Love is… that moment when you recognize this person is always on your mind.

Love is… that moment when you are no longer the person you were.


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Good Afternoon/Day Lovelies:

I wanted to clarify something:

ALL of my “Friday Fictioneers” are about James ( first introduced) then a Continumium) and his mystery woman (Who Ive named Ezra).

The idea of James and his family being masters of architecture with grandfather clocks came from a FF of which I didn’t participate. I simply didn’t have time that week.

The Butler is someone who’s working the Winter Formal.

Hope this helps~

MoonChild Nova

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#FF: Tick-Tock, Coffee’s Hot

Photo Prompt Credit: Priorhouse

James recited his speech, as he made his way up the darkened stairwell.

As a young lad, James attended this Annual Winter Formal with his Father and Grandfather. As a seventh generation tradesman, James fell right into succession as a Master of Architecture with Grandfather Clocks.

Finally reaching the complimentary coffee bar, the butler  served himself a freshly brewed cup of Highlander Grogg. “I wonder if she would enjoy such a great blend of bean?”, he wondered. He hasn’t been able to stop thinking about her, the beauty at the coffee shop.


Tick-Tock Tick-Tock

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Autumn Therapy🍁🍃

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“Fall has always been my favorite season. The time when everything bursts with its last beauty, as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale.”

– Lauren Destefano