What’s On My IPhone!

I have many of those!
For the money saver in me, I have many apps like Shopkicks and ibotta. My favorite app to find awesome blog content is Google News!

Just My Thoughts

Hey everyone! Today I am going to show you whats on my iPhone! Please follow me if you aren’t already and enjoy!

First of all I have the iPhone SE, which is pretty old. I am currently working on saving enough money to get a newer one. Which IPhone do you recommend?


This is my wallpaper. I found it on Pinterest and then I added the text to make it more personalized. It say “You got this” which I thought was really cute.

I am not going to go through all of the apps I have, but mostly the ones that didn’t come on my phone, or are my favorite. Also apps marked with this * are my absolute favorites.

  • My first favorite app is Snapchat. I really like snapchat because it is an easy way to send pictures to your friends or family.
  • Next is Instagram, I…

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