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When a Horny Meal Goes Wrong!

Lmao! This article is too funny! We adults LOVE sex! I should say MOST of us do. This article talks about the perfect combination of aphrodisiacs to get the night spicy.... IF something doesn't go wrong. My favorite part is the very end! 😂😂😂😂 ENJOY :p

In This Moment

On July 16th, I turned 33 years young. I've made it to see this year, by God's grace 🙂 I wasn't a tyrant or anything; life has just been unmercifully challenging. Anyway, while growing up, I didn't think much about adulthood. I didn't have the time. My parents seemed to focus moreso on the short …

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Beautiful Birds Bird watching was always something my grandpa enjoyed doing. He watched from his chair , in the living room, on the front porch, at the cabin, even at the beach. My grandpa had several bird feeders hanging from the porch roof. There was always plenty for them to eat. My grandma would throw pieces …

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ABC of Him

You are: Abysmally boundless in your journey to excite my senses. Cajolingly destined to influence my decisions. Enravishingly favourable with your charismatic charm. Graciously hypnotic in your body form. Immeasurably jurisprudential knowledge. Knavishly lasting in my every day thoughts. Masterly navigable through any adversity you face. Outerly passionate about being a father. Quietly reflective before …

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Eco-friendly Non-Plastic Straws

I've heard this phenomenon was in its infancy stage. For a better world, a cleaner environment, and safer place for animals, I'm truly excited about the movement of using alternatives to plastic straws,..... But, will I enjoy my delightful iced mocha coffee or scrumptious strawberry -Banana Smoothie just as much? We shall see 🤷🏼‍♀️ Thankfully, …

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7 Things Highly Sensitive People Should Do For Their Mental Health

Highly Sensitive is a newer genre of people. LoL, so special in his/her own way. If you're not familiar with what I mean, here is an incredible pdf, full of information. I know I'm constantly feeling overwhelmed with life. Self care is something I must practice. It's no optional for me. Here's a few helpful …

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“Bee” No one but Yourself

Bees really are some cool little dude... And Queen. I didn't realize how much they impact food production. I didn't realize the value of honey, and the work required to make it. This morning, while enjoying my cup of coffee, I did alittle studying. Here's a cute YouTube video about then, and some info graphs. …

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We made it☺️

Here, in Cleveland, OH, a new morning is upon us. The sun is shining through my window, while  my morning meditation video plays it's beautiful song. The shadows of outside trees dance on my walls, and the stream peacefully flows in it's endless glory. Mornings are my favorite part of the day. New starts are …

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Every ‘Hotel Transylvania’ Movie Ranked from Worst to Best

Every ‘Hotel Transylvania’ Movie Ranked from Worst to Best — Read on I absolutely can't wait to see this!! Comment below your thoughts!

#9. Helpful Tips

I'm so thankful when I come across tips that make life more pleasurable by reducing anxiety =) This list below has started my Tuesday with such positivity and encouragement 🌸 ENJOY=) We live in a quick-fix kind of world, complete with one-minute meals and instant ab workouts. It's nearly impossible to find the time to …

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#8. Incense

As I was growing up, my sinuses never bothered me. Saline solution is a simple combination of salt and water. My tears handled the cleansing my face needed. When I became a Sophomore in college, the tears weren't as often.... because I became a bit more rebellious. One particular day, I was doing a pose …

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This Picture

I had lost thirteen pounds in two weeks. I was rudely awakened by the general consensus regarding others and my need to talk (they didn’t hear me!). I was isolated from a support system, most friends, professional help, and usually the general public. My anxiety astronomically skyrocketed because there was too much unknown. Not only …

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#7 Well Done Meal

With the humidity here in Cleveland, I've lived on salads, sandwiches, and finger refrigerator foods. It's awesome to know it's healthy, and my body appreciates the sentiment. It's just calories make me feel a bit more me and much less like Dracula! 😂😂😂 (Insert any Snickers commercial here..) This evening, I managed to bake chicken …

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